Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

and Sherri Kane

(October 19, 2020)


Las Vegas, NV (WarOnWeThePeople.com)–The ‘October Surprise’ featuring the Biden’s criminal influence in international deal-making involving Russian and Chinese energy and banking industrialists is being censored and discredited to protect the global elite’s plot to impose their “Final Solution” to control, even reduce, populations as part of the ‘Great Reset’ featuring genetically-engineered COVID-19 vaccinations and related nanotechnology to remedy the bioterrorizing ‘plandemic’ and Big Tech’s ‘Fourth Revolution’ (a.k.a., Fourth Reich).




We previously exposed the CIA and FBI’s complicity in the liberal left’s coup to undermine the Executive Branch of the Government, Trump’s presidency, and reelection.  A pattern-and-practice of media cover-ups corrupting politics, health science, and COVID-19’s emergence from U.S. and Chinese collaborating labs was noted beginning weeks after Chinese President Xi Jinping and Donald Trump took unprecedented actions against global investment banks and institutional investors holding stock in Big Pharma and Big Biotech. The presidents’ actions challenged the syndicate’s monopoly over medicine, healthcare, and COVID-19’s planned international emergency response.


China enacted a virtual military takeover of the drug and vaccine industry in December 2019. This state action especially damaged Western vaccine makers that were prohibited from marketing and distributing their products in China. The “Global Legal Monitor” published news of the “China: Vaccine Law Passed” on August 27, 2019, that took effect on December 1, 2019. That is the approximate date of the 2019 nCoV/HIV bioweapon’s first appearance (resulting in the 7-person cluster of cases four weeks later at the Wuhan market).


Meanwhile, at the same time, President Trump revised trade and economic policies with China to restore America’s independence, and forced globalist drug makers to dramatically reduce the cost of prescription medicines. “They don’t like me too much,” Trump repeatedly announced during his appearances and campaign rallies.


Now, the reported discovery of Hunter Biden’s laptop computer containing criminal evidence from 2014-15 of ‘influence peddling’ in China, Russia, the Ukraine, and elsewhere dovetails with the aforementioned facts implicating World Economic Forum officials representing the global elite. In correspondence between Joe Biden’s son and leading energy and banking industrialists, criminal influence is apparent. These facts, widely dismissed as another “Russian hoax,” have been confirmed by legitimate insiders and censored members of the press, including White House officials and FOX News broadcasters. Yet, all Biden critics have been dismissed as false ‘conspiracy theorists’ by Democratic Party backed mainstream presses such as Business Insider.(1)


Just a week ago President Trump demanded from the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (“CIA”) unredacted records evidencing a CIA coup that extends into politics, science, COVID-19 cover-ups, and known facts about the “novel” virus’s lab origin and treatments. Yet, Trump’s reasonable action to encourage more discovery, law enforcement, and criminal prosecutions have been denied by superior controlling powers.


Early objectors to the President’s demand for more evidence and greater candor from Department of Justice officials is former CIA director John Brennan, whose complicity with Hillary Clinton is showing. Democratic National Committee leaders, top Justice Department officials, and Obama administration politicians were in on the Russian hoax public deceptions. Mr. Brennan then served as CIA director until January 20, 2017. Brennan’s transition between Obama and Trump administrations coincided with the illegal surveillance and dirty-tricks played on the incoming president and his staff.


CIA Director Brannan’s departure was only one week after Dr. Anthony Fauci relayed “insider” intelligence of great evidentiary importance to a gathering at Georgetown University. Dr. Fauci professed that the Trump administration would undoubtedly suffer an unprecedented infectious disease disaster. How did Dr. Fauci deduce this certain conclusion two years before COVID-19 arrived?


It is public knowledge that the CIA oversees Dr. Fauci’s National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases (“NIAID”)  and even covert vaccination campaigns. The CIA is largely responsible for National Security defending against foreign threats. This spy network delivers medical intelligence to officials. The ‘science’ supposedly demanding ‘social-distancing,’ ‘mask-wearing,’ business ‘shutdowns,’ and mandatory vaccinations certainly merits intelligence gathering and black op decision-making. Leading experts in the fields of public health, military biodefense, and pharmaceutical/vaccine response would undoubtedly received briefs consistent with Dr. Fauci’s unprecedented warning to his colleagues in Washington.


Subsequently, in October 2019, six weeks before the Wuhan outbreak, Bill Gates, Johns Hopkins University and the World Economic Forum co-sponsored “Event 201”—a ‘predictive programming’ conference foretelling of the “novel” coronavirus pandemic, and planning public and private corporate responses to the disease and its devastating economic consequences.


Democratic Party Politics, Policies and COVID-19


It should be recalled that President Trump’s 2016 Republican nomination was arranged by Democratic Party officials according to a leaked Democratic National Committee memorandum issued by Hillary Clinton and John Podesta. It is public knowledge that leading Democratic Party campaign contributors include media mogul Barry Diller, who hired Chelsea Clinton to co-direct with crime family heir Edgar Bronfman, Jr. the ICA Corporation while additionally serving World Bank and Gates Foundation interests in promolgating vaccinations for global depopulation.


On April 7, 2015 the DNC circulated the following memorandum to 2016 election campaign officials “Re: 2016 GOP presidential candidates” “intended to outline the strategy and goals a potential Hillary Clinton presidential campaign would have regarding the 2016 Republican presidential field. Clearly most of what is contained in this memo is work the DNC is already doing. . . . The “Goals & Strategy” intended “to make whomever the Republicans nominate unpalatable to a majority of the electorate. . . . 1) Force all Republican candidates to back themselves into extreme conservative positions that will hurt them in a general election; 2) Undermine any credibility/trust Republican presidential candidates have to make inroads into our coalition or independents . . . . . . [W]e don’t want to marginalize the more extreme candidates, but make them more ‘Pied Piper’ candidates who actually represent the mainstream of the Republican Party. . . . Pied piper candidates include . . . Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Ben Carson . . . We need to be elevating the Pied Piper candidates so that they are leaders of the pack and tell the press to [take] them seriously. Undermining Their Messages & Credibility . . . The ‘Pied Pipers’of the field will mitigate . . . building a winning general election coalition . . . undermin[ing] their credibility in . . . (communities of color, millennials, women) and independent voters. . . . [T]he goal here would be to show that they are . . . extremely conservative on these issues.”


Ten days later, on April 17, 2015, Hunter Biden’s Ukrainian business dealmaker for Burisma Holdings, Vadym Pozharskyi, e-mailed the Vice President’s son to thank him “for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spen[d] some time together. A copy of the e-mail accompanied the New York Post “blockbuster” story exposing the Bidens’ influence peddling.


Three months later, on July 23, 2015, The Pirbright Institute in London, closely tied to the Gates Foundation, German Boehringer Co, and Merck Drug Co., (as detailed in the adjacent screen shot) applied for a patent on the leading suspect lab coronavirus, advancing data collection done the prior year. The patent was granted on January 28, 2016. At that time Western Intelligence overseeing infectious diseases and their liberal media were obviously joining the DNC’s “coalition” to damage the Republican Party and its “Pied Piper” candidates in America.


Two weeks before the Pirbright coronavirus was patented, on January 14, 2016, Klaus Schwab, Director of the World Economic Forum, introduced his “Fourth Industrial Revolution” (“4IR”) thesis to the global elite directing world finance and science. As reviewed by Western intelligence researchers, Guy Garrett and Beverly Hayes in England and the US, this 4IR term “originated in 2016 when described by Klaus Schwab (Founder and ExecutiveChairman of the World Economic Forum), as a ‘technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another’.”


Data Mining, GMOs, Nano-gels, and COVID-19 Vaccines


Klaus Schwab went on to describe 4IR as “a digital revolution with innovative uses of a combination of technologies that build upon the premise of the third revolution (i.e. electronics and information technology to automate production). As a result, emerging technologies have brought forth advancements in fields such as ​artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, 3D printing, nanotechnology, biotechnology, materials science, energy storage, and quantum computing. This rapid evolution will undoubtedly affect industries world-wide, . . .The pharmaceutical industry is also experiencing the impacts of I4.0. Digital and mobile technologies has brought on significant advancements in data acquisition and accessibility as it relates to health care and patient data. . . . As with other industries, data will become a critical asset to their business and the effective utilisation of this data can play a critical role in driving growth in the business and bringing novel therapies to the patients who need them.”


In 2004, The World Bank gave special recognition to Klaus Schwab for the publication of Mind, Heart and Soul in the Fight Against Poverty, stating: “This framework owes a debt to Klaus Schwab, executive chair and founder of the World Economic Forum, who highlighted the need for head, heart, and soul as a framework for partnerships at the 2004 Davos annual meeting.”


The “future of our species and really the future of life” advancing from 4IR was summarized by Yuval Noah Harari, Professor, Department of History, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel on January 25, 2018 at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum. “Earth will be dominated by entities that are more different from us than we are different from Neanderthals or chimpanzees. . . . We will learn how to engineer bodies, and brains and minds. This will be the main products of the economy. . . . How exactly will the future masters of the planet look like? This will be decided by the people who own the data. [e.g., Silicon Valley moguls.] Those who control the data control not just humanity, but the future of life itself. Because today, data is the most important asset in the world.”


Hunter Biden, Dirty Money and the Bank of China


Financial data leaves a trail for law enforcement to follow. Among dozens of news outlets, AXIOS reported on “Thousands of leaked government documents covering at least $2 trillion worth of transactions reveal how some of the world’s biggest banks knowingly moved around the money of” those at the forefront of the 4IR movement, the “oligarchs, terrorists and criminals.” Few consequences occurred, “according to a massive investigation by BuzzFeed News, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) and hundreds of other news organizations.”


“The big picture,” AXIOS reported, “examine[d] more than 2,100 suspicious activity reports (SARs) filed by banks and other financial firms with the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, known as FinCEN. . . . Individuals or organizations with addresses in the U.K., China, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Canada and Ukraine appeared in at least 20 reports each.  In total, the SARs flagged more than $2 trillion in transactions between 1999 and 2017.  The documents include SARs filed by nearly 90 financial institutions. The 10 most common banks were Deutsche Bank, Bank of New York Mellon, Standard Chartered, JPMorgan Chase, Barclays, HSBC, Bank of China, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Citibank.”


Hunter Biden’s e-mails evidence his father’s activity within this criminal banking network. As reported in the Washington Examiner, Hunter Biden’s “work with BHR (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Company isn’t his only controversial connection to Chinese business. While working with multibillion dollar Chinese conglomerate CEFC China Energy’s leader Ye Jianming on a natural gas deal in the United States worth millions of dollars, he agreed to represent Jianming’s associate, Patrick Ho, who was eventually convicted by the Justice Department for bribing foreign governments. Jianming was reportedly detained in China.


“Hunter Biden said that by the end of October [2019] he’d be resigning from his position on the board of BHR (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Company, a private equity firm established in 2013 with backing from Chinese state-owned financial companies with the goal of investing Chinese money and whose largest shareholder is the state-controlled Bank of China. The announcement on Sunday came through his lawyer, George Mesires, as first reported by Bloomberg.


Grading the Bank of China, and advising China’s leadership on every aspect of economic development, is World Economic Forum (“WEC”) director, Klaus Schwab, who is widely considered to be the leader of the “Great Reset.”  The WEC’s website heralds the Schwab’s undertaking in “managing the direct consequences of the COVID-19 crisis.”


Perusing the WEC’s “Partners” webpage creating “long lasting impact” on the world, visitors viewed (on Oct. 17, 2020) articles that appear to be the global geo-political, economic, and cross-cultural ‘paradigm shift.’ Featured articles are titled, “Why being an LGBT + ally can transform lives – yours included;” “Shared learning platform – Innovation and health technology” heralding the worlds most advanced biotech research and developments impacting health science and energy systems furthering “transhumanism” linking computers, telecommunications (e.g., 5G and Cloud technologies), robotics, human consciousness, and social behavior through the web; “3 innovative ways that energy and resource extraction companies are going green;” and “This is what the fight against COVID-19 can teach us about stopping climate change, according to Bill Gates.”


According to WEC’s director, Klaus Schwab, who was interviewed by China Daily in 2014, “The World Economic Forum’s latest Global Competitiveness Report shows China as the highest-ranked BRICS economy.  [BRICS is the acronym coined to associate five major emerging national economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. Notice the United States is not one, reflecting political and economic globalization objectives enabling the “Great Reset” ] and despite a slowdown from the breakneck pace of the past decade, we see encouraging signs that growth is sustainable,” Schwab reported.


“China’s leadership has established an enormously ambitious agenda that will require all the building blocks for an inclusive and accountable ecosystem that allows for entrepreneurship and innovation to flourish: education and skills, cooperation between research and business, financing for SMEs, and removing barriers that limit competition.”


Accordingly, there is no doubt Schwab’s vision for the world following the Great Reset is a globalist undertaking, competing against nationalistic leadership, conservative politics, and patriotic values. This view of the world and its economic engine neglects America’s dominance in the Fourth Revolution that features World Bank financing of nations that adopt Big Tech, Big Energy, and Big Pharma’s policies and products. The corporate-controlled media also neglects Klaus Schwab’s father’s service to the Nazi Party, the Third Reich’s most advanced military technologies, and Hitler’s secret ‘heavy water’ nuclear weapons program.


Given this factual background, the censorship surrounding the WEC’s co-sponsorship with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Johns Hopkins University of the Event 2001 coronavirus pandemic, a “predictive programming” event that was held six weeks before the COVID-19 virus broke out from a Chinese military lab in Wuhan, is most revealing. The alleged ‘fraudulent concealment’ of conflicting interests in global leaders managing COVID-19 is much like the censorship and media bias surrounding the Biden’s conflicting interests in the Ukraine, Russia, and China. Influence peddling consistently favors’ Schwab’s ‘Great Reset,’ with evidence discovered through Hunter Biden’s laptop computer revealing shady deals involving the oil and gas company, Burisma Holdings, and the Bank of China and the Chinese Energy Financial Company (“CEFC”).


The Biden’s Concealed Conflicting Criminal Interests



https://www.uscc.gov/sites/default/files/annual_reports/2018 Annual Report to Congress.pdf


According to Wikipedia, the CHINESE ENERGY FINANCES CORPORATION is a “company used complex web of affiliated companies to facilitate fake deals, inflate trade figures and obtain bank loans to fuel its aggressive expansion


As recalled in Intelligence Quarterly, “In May 2017, Hunter met privately with Ye Jianming (叶简明), chairman of Chinese energy company CEFC (中国华信能源), at a Miami hotel.The purpose of the meeting was for Hunter to use his contacts to help ‘identify investment opportunities for Ye’s company CEFC China Energy.’ Afterwards, Hunter received a 2.8-carat diamond. Ye was detained and put under investigation in March 2018 on suspicion of economic crimes, while CEFC was declared bankrupt in March 2020, alleged to have faked deals and bribed foreign governments for oil rights (facilitated by Patrick Ho (何志平), CCPPCC member and the former Hong Kong Secretary for Home Affairs in Tung’s administration


On November 18, 2017, Patrick Ho(何志平), former HK Secretary for Home Affairs (under Tung), was arrested at the John F. Kennedy International Airport on bribery and money-laundering charges. He called Hunter for assistance. Hunter later told The New Yorker that he doesn’t see Ye as a “shady character at all,” and he characterized the outcome as “bad luck.”


Hawaii’s Importance in the Globalist Underworld


The strategic location of Hawaii between China and the mainland U.S. makes it of critical importance to military and globalist commerce. As detailed below the first China-U.S. Sub-national Legislatures Cooperation Forum was held on June 30, 2016 in Hawaii. Hawaii’s legislature, judiciary, and law enforcement is totally controlled by the ‘Deep State’ Democratic Party 4IR Chinese-American banking syndicate.


Barack Obama’s grandmother, for example, agented for both The Bank of Hawaii as well as the Western intelligence community. Edward Snowden’s National Security Agency leaks sourced from Booze-Allen Hamilton in Honolulu. The Hawaii Nuclear Missile Alert fiasco heavily implicated the Hawaii Electric Company (“HELCO”). HELCO partnered in the “Fusion Center” with America’s top intelligence agencies working with the civil defense group. Hawaii traffics much of America’s methamphetamine supply according to a Congressional hearing. Hawaii produces all domestically manufactured dimethyltryptamine—“DMT”, the new hallucinogenic “tea” called “ayahuasca” that acts like “designer LSD.”


Much like COVID-19 tracks to the underworld advancing the “Great Reset,” the “ayahuasca (Daime) religion is researched by neuroscientists and transhumanist investigators at Johns Hopkins University. This is heavily financed by leading Silicon Valley data miners, including Peter Theil. The movement advances brain ‘consciousness’ studies and military interventions for psychological/emotional problems such as PTSD.


A live news report in Hawaii on the lab virus origin of COVID-19 was censored instantly. Similarly, all news of DMT’s manufacture and trafficking from Hawaii to the mainland by drug kingpin, Paul J. Sulla, Jr., has been totally censored.


Domestic DMT sources from the University of Hawaii’s botanical garden. The leading beneficiary, the Heffter Institute, now collaborates with federal drug agencies, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (aka “MAPS”), Yale, NYU, Johns Hopkins, and Harvard. These institutions were among Jeffrey Epstein’s and Bill Gates’s leading beneficiaries financed to research the interface between “neuroscience and spirituality.” This movement is consistent with Timothy Leary, Aldous Huxley, and Chelsea Clinton’s teachings. Ms. Clinton serves as “Co-Chair of the Advisory Board” at New York University overseeing what is called the “Of Many Institute” that allegedly advances “spirituality” commonly embraced by the world’s religions and native people. 60 Minutes broadcast a related report on psychedylic research at Johns Hopkins—co-sponsor with Bill Gates and the Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum of the COVID-19 “Event 201” predictive event.


The Bidens’ Agency in the Great Reset


Returning to the importance of Hunter Biden’s involvements in China and the Ukraine, much like the censorship evidencing the media’s complicity in the “Great Reset,” the first China-U.S. forum was widely censored by the American news media.


Hunter Biden’s transactions within the Chinese conglomerate CEFC received little attention by the mainstream presses. Photos from that forum “show a low-key casual affair, not in keeping with a major political event. “That is to say, the event tends to have only been publicized in Chinese state media or on Chinese government websites, rather than by the US government or in US media,” reported Intelligence Quarterly.


In 2015, CEFC opened its new European headquarters in Prague, and Prime Minister Zeman hired Ye Jianming, the company’s chairman, as an adviser.*


CEFC China sponsors a think tank, also called CEFC, that Mr. Ye said in a September 2016 interview that CEFC China “closely follows [China’s] nation-al strategies” and maps out its corporate strategy based on China’s strategic priorities. CEFC China sponsors a think tank, also called CEFC, that the Project 2049 Institute, a think tank in Washington, DC, assessed is a “political warfare platform affiliated with [the former General Political Department of the People’s Liberation Army] and the CCP propaganda and ideology system.”


According to Czech sinologist Martin Hála, “CEFC not only follows the PRC’s state policies closely, as Chairman Ye eloquently put it, but aligns itself with the most conservative elements in the CCP and [People’s Liberation Army].” Martin Hála, “CEFC: Economic Diplomacy with Chinese Characteristics: A Mysterious Company Paves the New Silk Road in Eastern Europe and Beyond,” China Digital Times, February 8, 2018; Scott Cendrowski, “The Unusual Journey of China’s Newest Oil Baron,” Fortune, September 28, 2016.* For example, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has championed building an “illiberal state on national foundations,” which is counter to the EU’s model of liberal democracy. He has endorsed Beijing’s rejection of universal values. Thorsten Benner et al., “Authoritarian Advance: Responding to China’s Growing Political Influence in Europe,” Global Public Policy Institute and Mercator Institute for China Studies, February 2018.


According to a study by the Czech think tank Association for International Affairs (AMO), “Chinese ownership [of media in-stitutions] equals zero negative comments on the country,” rais-ing concerns about future acquisitions of media companies by entities connected to Beijing.110 The study found that although Czech media coverage of China was generally neutral or negative, ownership or co-ownership of local media by Chinese entities in-fluenced coverage in China’s favor. For instance, after CEFC ac-quired Tyden Weekly and TV Barrandov—a Czech newspaper and television channel, respectively—their coverage of China became “exclusively positive.”


“Select Advanced PLA Air Force Systems Entering Service and under Development,”


“The H-20 long-range stealth bomber, provides “Strike; Nuclear Deterrence; A2/AD” for 2025.


China’s next-generation bomber will integrate fifth-generation tech-nologies and be capable of carrying nuclear weapons, according to DOD. Replacing the H-6, the H-20 will have an increased range of at least 5,000 miles (mi), boosting China’s ability to operate farther from its shores and putting Hawaii at risk


C.C. Yin, chairman and co-founder of the Asian Pacific Islander Public Affairs Association, a major contributor to U.S. Senator from Hawaii, Mazie Hirano, stated in a 2014 interview for ChinaDaily.com.cn, “I was very much alarmed by the fact that Chinese and Asian community population was growing at such speed, but there was no leadership representing us in the US government, let alone no decision-making participation,” he said. “So I jumped in with the idea of founding APAPA, which was aimed at providing a platform and pipeline to empower Asians Americans for political power. By 2009 we had 15 Asian Americans elected to legislative and constitutional offices; now we have 17, seven in constitutional, two in senate and eight in assemblies.”




A top psychedelic scientist says ‘the climate’s looking good’ for magic mushrooms and MDMA to turn into medicines at a gathering of the world’s billionaires,’ reported  Erin Brodwin “a senior health and tech reporter at Business Insider based in San Francisco, where she focuses on startups and Silicon Valley,” according to her bio.

            Brodwin became the world’s most vocal media prostitute favoring the Deep State’s Lucifarian mind-control, transhumanism, and the AI psychedelic agenda. After joining Business Insider in September 2014 as a ‘science reporter,’ she covered the Western African Ebola epidemic — “the most widespread Ebola outbreak in history.”  She interviewed “a CDC contact tracer who spent months on the ground tracking the virus’ spread.” But she neglected ‘Ebolagate’ and the Ebola lab virus intelligence published by Dr. Horowitz that same year, available at the click of her mouse.

Brodwin, shown here eating a ‘New Age’ ‘cultured sausage,’ wrote a series of articles for Business Insider after molting into a “Health-Tech Correspondent.” She has occasionally co-authorized with Alyson Shontell to heavily promote The Ayahuasca Death Cult.

            As early as January 2017, Brodwin declared the benefits of killing the human ego and “fundamentally transform[ing] the brain.” Therein she referenced as her source of valid intelligence the Rockefeller-controlled World Bank-influenced World Health Organization. Here, Brodwin advocated for the ultimate PSYOPS—the perfect most profitable covert MKULTRA mind-control and population control scheme leveraging psychiatry and psychedelic ‘medicine.’

That same month, kicking off a major long-term publicity campaign, actual cultural indoctrination program, Brodwin announced a new YouTube video promoting, “What magic mushrooms do to your brain and state of mind.”

            Peter Thiel’s missionary wrote:

“The researchers believe they are on the cusp of nothing less than a breakthrough: A single dose of psychedelic drugs appears to alleviate the symptoms of some of the most common, perplexing, and tragic illnesses of the brain. Because depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide, the timing seems ideal.”

Brodwin’s soapbox, Business Insider, is Silicon Valley’s leading yellow press (i.e., propaganda mill). It was founded in 2007 by Henry Blodget and Kevin P. Ryan. Blodget, the CEO and Editor-In-Chief, hails from Yale where the original Skull & Bones Fraternity continues its Satanic rituals including mock murders according to national news reports. A few smeared Past President George W. Bush for his participation.

Henry Blodget has a terrible reputation. Quoting the Deep State’s Wikipedia, he “worked on Wall Street until he was banned for life from the securities industry because of his violations of securities laws and subsequent civil trial, which ended with a $2 million fine plus a $2 million disgorgement and the permanent ban in 2003.

In 2013, Amazon and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos made a substantial investment in Business Insider, but in 2018 was bought out by Axel Springer SE—Europe’s largest digital publishing house with its own shady history. Axel owns “numerous multimedia news brands, such as Bild, Die Welt, and Fakt and more than 15,000 employees. It generated total revenues of about €3.3 billion in financial year 2015. The presumed “left-leaning” publisher has been vetted by right-leaning investigators as a fraudulent press beholding, again, to the Rockefeller-Rothschild banking cartel.

This view of the Business Insider being a neo-Nazi wolf in Israeli-sheep’s clothing is corroborated by little-known history of the company for whom Brodwin blindly wrote. Prior to the close of WWII Axel served the Nazis.

Tim Weiner’s book, Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA, details Axel Springer’s service to Hitler & Co. as well as to the fledgling CIA. That transition occurred as Henry Kissinger and General Bolling began exfiltrating Nazi scientists and business leaders to America during ‘Project Paperclip.’

Weinger recorded:

“It was second nature for [Rockefeller Standard Oil Co. lawyer and CIA Director, Allen] Dulles to plant stories in the press. American newsrooms were dominated by veterans of the government’s wartime propaganda branch, the Office of War Information, once part of Wild Bill Donovan’s domain. The men who responded to the CIA’s call included Henry Luce and his editors at Time, Life, and Fortune; popular magazines such as Parade, the Saturday Review, and Reader’s Digest; and a public-relations and propaganda machine that came to include more than fifty news organizations, a dozen publishing houses, and personal pledges of support from men such as Axel Springer, West Germany’s most powerful press baron.”

            Accordingly, what follows is the pro ayahuasca propaganda output by Neo-Nazi Deep State ally, Axel Springer, penned by the camellia Brodwin.

“Psychedelics appear to have a unique ability to treat conditions that fail to respond to even the best current medicines,” reported Brodwin et. al.

The mercenary-writer for Silicon Valley’s psychedelic drug scene provided the following Business Insider sections in chronological order:



In August, 2017, Brodwin wrote (for Business Insider) about the ‘party drugs’ coming of age. They now showed ‘commercial value,’ being legally prescribed as ‘medicine.’

            “Other psychedelic and semi-psychedelic drugs are also on researchers’ dockets, such as marijuana,” Brodwin advertised for the exploding cannabis industry, “which some argue has psychedelic properties, and ketamine, a partial psychedelic that could have uses in depression and addiction.

“Like any other drug, however, psychedelics can come with side effects that Carhart-Harris said we shouldn’t necessarily ignore.

“For example, people who’ve been given psilocybin for anxiety often describe an anxiety-provoking experience during the treatment before they begin to feel the drug’s therapeutic effects.

“Also, some people are not good candidates for psychedelic drugs, such as those with a family history of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, Carhart-Harris added.

“If all continues as planned, experts say we should start to see the first legal uses of psychedelics as medicine within the next few years. On Wednesday, Carhart-Harris said he hoped to see something happen along those lines — and likely in severe depression — by 2024.

“It’s progressing well,” he said.

“The prospects are improving for turning psychedelics into approved medical treatments.

“Speaking this week at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, a leading neuroscientist said drugs like magic mushrooms and MDMA are moving closer to regulatory approval.

“If given the green light, the drugs could be used to treat a variety of mental health indications, including depression and PTSD.

“First, there were the cancer patients. In a handful of people diagnosed with advanced stages of the disease, a single dose of magic mushrooms appeared to quell their anxiety about death.     Then there were the veterans, whose intrusive flashbacks of violence seemed to be quieted by therapy sessions that involved ecstasy. And recently, a group of people with depression appeared to find some relief in ayahuasca, a hallucinogenic brew that indigenous communities in South America have used for thousands of years.

“All that research reached the world stage this week at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. There, a leading British scientist who studies the impact of psychedelics on the brain said things are looking up for psychedelics turning into approved treatments.

“‘The climate’s looking good,’ Robin Carhart-Harris, the head of psychedelic research at the center for neuroscience and pharmacology at London’s Imperial College, said during a Wednesday session at Davos titled “The New Science of Psychedelics.” He spoke in an interview with Alyson Shontell, the editor in chief of Business Insider US.

“Research on psychedelics — a word that comes from the Greek roots “psyche,” or soul, and “delos,” or manifest — has been heating up in recent years. The drugs appear to have a unique ability to treat conditions that fail to respond to even the best current treatments. Oftentimes, all that’s required to see those effects is a single dose, or “trip,” in a supervised medical setting.


As reviewed in Nature Nanotechnology, “Nanotechnology benefits modern vaccine design since nanomaterials are ideal for antigen delivery, as adjuvants, and as mimics of viral structures. In fact, the first vaccine candidate launched into clinical trials is an mRNA vaccine delivered via lipid nanoparticles. To eradicate pandemics, present and future, a successful vaccine platform must enable rapid discovery, scalable manufacturing and global distribution. Here, we review current approaches to COVID-19 vaccine development and highlight the role of nanotechnology and advanced manufacturing.”



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